One local fan who attended every wrestling match at the Music Hall from 1964 to 1970 described the ring as being on the stage with seating on the stage behind it as well as it in the main auditorium. He had a permanent booking for a seat on the front row of the balcony. Posters for the wrestling were plastered all over town. The wresters arrived by coach around the back of the Music Hall on the corner of Golden Square. He would wait there by the stage door for them to come out after the match and get their autographs. Once he was allowed into the Green Room to see the wrestlers. In August 1968 a woman who was also waiting asked if she could borrow a pen. The following Saturday they met at the Palace Ballroom and three years later they were married. From then on they came to wrestling together and sat in the front row balcony seats.



February 1965