Wrestling / Len Ironside

Len Ironside‚Äôs memories of the Music Hall go back to the 1960s when his uncle Stewart Ross used to fit up the bills for the wrestling. He always got free tickets so he too Len along. It was always so full we often had to stand at the back and I sat on his shoulders. Little did he think that in 1973 he would appear on their wrestling bills! The ring in the Music Hall was legendary because it was placed on the stage making it a very hard landing if you were thrown, and if you were thrown over the top rope you had a 10-foot drop to the floor. The front row had a habit of helping a wrestler back into the ring by throwing him back onto the stage. Len was a local councillor at the time and I clearly remember a lady who was part of the crowd helping me back saying “Any word of my hoose yet Lenny?”

Aberdeen Performing Arts, Johnny Bean


April 2016