Ted Burnett (caretaker)

Edward Burnett (Ted) was the caretaker/manager of the Music Hall from 1955 until 1974/5, living in a flat in the Music Hall. Ted’s grandson, Scott, remembers that it was really scary when he was in the building by himself. Even aged twelve he didn’t enjoy coming inside when there were no lights on. He had the free run of everything as a child, played with all of the old props and instruments. Ted looked after the building and had a diary for bookings every day. Scott would help set up the seats and clear up after the concert. The last place to clear was always the Green Room and occasionally he was allowed in to meet the performers. Sometimes he would get their autographs. He remembers sun bathing on the balcony, sneaking into sold out gigs and sometimes he would sit in a tiny recording booth near the stage. Scott remembers that the boxing was really big and his grandfather used to MC the matches. He recalls the boxers and wrestlers were often enemies in the ring but mates in the Green Room.

Courtesy of Scott Burnett