Rock to Classic transformation

Rock to Classic transformation

This time-lapse footage from 2016 shows the Concert Hall being transformed from a standing rock gig venue to a fully seated Orchestral Concert venue. Doug Taylor has worked at the Music Hall since September 2000. His first pop gig as a duty manager was Status Quo in 2000. It was a sold out show with an audience of 1500 and a daunting prospect for the new duty manager. But the moment Doug really remembers is the first time he saw a full Orchestral performance in the space. It was the BBC Symphony Orchestra. Doug had never been into an orchestral concert in the Music Hall and he describes it as “just jaw-droppingly amazing”. He’d never experienced an orchestral concert of any kind but to see it in the Music Hall he’d only been in for standing concerts was inspiring. “The hall really comes into it’s own for that sort of thing” he tells us.



April 2016


Aberdeen Performing Arts