Roller skating world record

In the 1930s, the Music Hall was home to a popular public roller-skating rink. In January 1931, World Champion roller skater, Arnold Binns, came to Aberdeen to attempt to improve on his world record at the skating rink in the Music Hall. A large crowd had gathered to watch the attempt, and they were bitterly disappointed when, after only a few hours, he retired with blistered feet. Hayden Maxwell, the professional manager of the Music Hall rink and Robert Bruce, a local amateur skater stepped forward and said they would attempt the record. Together they skated from early Thursday morning until just before midnight on Saturday 17th January and established a new World record for nonstop roller skating of 61 hours 36 minutes. Amazing scenes marked the closing stages, and the skaters finished in a blaze of triumph. Encouraged by daily coverage in the press, so many people turned up that that extra police were called to manage the crowds when many failed to gain admission.

Aberdeen City Library


January 1931