Queen Victoria

After Queen Victoria’s popular visit to Aberdeen in October 1863, the City Fathers decided that a statue should be erected in her honour. The commission went to sculptor Alexander Brodie (1830 – 1867) and he was asked to prepare a full sized model in plaster for approval by Her Majesty and Aberdeen Town Council before carving the marble version. It is this model that now stands in the Music Hall. Sittings were arranged at Balmoral Castle and when shown a photograph of the completed model, Queen Victoria asked that the final marble statue should show her wearing a Scottish plaid instead of a court dress. Her Royal Highness provided a sketch of what she thought would be appropriate. The town council had reservations about showing a bare foot, so a shoe was later added. The marble statue was placed at the corner of St Nicholas Street and Union street and unveiled by the Prince of Wales in March 1886. In a few years it was damaged by weather conditions and moved in 1887 to its present position in Aberdeen Town House.

Aberdeen Performing Arts, Johnny Bean


April 2016