Organ restoration

The Music Hall’s Willis organ was renovated in 1889 and 3 further times in the 20th century. This photo shows the 1939 Reconstruction of the Henry Willis Organ at The Music Hall captioned: ‘Arranging the pipes before assembly during the reconditioning of the Willis Organ’. An accompanying article in the Press and Journal gave details of the work: “Messrs Henry Willis and Sons, Ltd. London who had the contract for the reconstruction of the organ carried through the electrification of the instrument and provided the tonal parts. Most of the heavy reconstruction work, however, was done by Mr H E Lawton, Aberdeen, who supplied the new bellows and renovated those which have been retained. He also provided the new pedal sound boards and the solo swell box and carried out many of the alterations to the wind trunks with metal work from Messrs Willis and Sons. Mr Lawton also altered the inside of the instrument to carry the new parts.”

Courtesy of Aberdeen City Library from 'The Aberdeen Weekly'


February 1939