Margret Dewar


Margret Dewar

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    Margret appeared at the Music Hall as Dopey in Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs with her dancing school. She was eight years old when she played Dopey in March 1939 and her dancing classes were at the city ballroom. The day of the dress rehearsal Margret remembers coming in through door singing Hi Ho! She was last as she was Dopey and she tripped on the way onto the stage. This caused such a laugh that she had to do it all week. Margret remembers good audiences for the show. This was the last show before war broke out; ‘We missed out a lot in our childhood’ Margret recalls.

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    Well my first memories of the music hall was when I was on stage at the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs show. That’s definitely my earliest memory, because I was eight years old at the time.

    Well, I remember when we were backstage, and all ready to go. I was Dopey, at the end of the line, and we had our - we were all dressed and, and erm, I had a lantern following up behind.

    And the thing was to - when they started singing hi ho, hi ho - that was our cue to go onto stage. We had to go through this door, on the - which was part of the scenery, which was like a wood, you know, and all the bushes and flowers, painted.
    So, erm, the - well, the first six dwarfs got through okay but when I went through I didn’t notice there was a step - you had to step over - and I just went headlong into the stage! And that was the - the audience thought that was hilarious!
    And after that, our dance teachers had said “no, you must do that every night”, which I had to do. So that was - that was my, definitely my, erm, earliest memory of the music hall.

    Well, I could only think about going to concerts - well, like the SNO as I know Laura spoke about there. I went to sometimes on a Saturday night to old-time dancing. They were - they were very well, very well attended.
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March 1939


Margaret Dewar