Halle Orchestra

The Halle Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1858 and is based in Manchester, England. Sir John Barbirolli was a renowned conductor and cellist. In the late 1960’s, the Music Hall needed urgent reconstruction, or even demolition. A large Edinburgh based Real Estate Company wanted to purchase the Music Hall as part of an even bigger Union Street development scheme. A public debate soon developed, with a strong body of public opinion firmly against any change. In September 1965, The Halle Symphony Orchestra played in the Music Hall and conductor Sir John Barbirolli commented ‘This hall is the best from the acoustic point of view in which I have every conducted in. This is a beautiful place, a place built in which to make music. It is a place in which I can make music. Please tell the people of Aberdeen not to allow the sacrilege of having this place destroyed’.

Aberdeen City Library


September 1965