An Dara Sealladh


An Dara Sealladh

Inspired in different ways by the beautiful Strachan murals situated around the balcony walls of the Music Hall, this piece uses sounds from around the Music Hall building, the sounds of the various in-house instruments, including the Wills organ and Steinway grand piano, guest artists and the voices of Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire in reminiscences from local audience members and performers. Eventually coalescing into the final strains of one of Aberdeen’s most famous songs, ‘The Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen’. The piece is called ‘An Dara Sealladh’, the Gaelic term for the Second Sight and was a commission by Mary Ann Kennedy and Nick Turner as Associate Artists at the Aberdeen Music Hall.

Aberdeen Performing Arts, Johnny Bean


April 2016


An Dara Sealladh by Nick Turner and Mary Ann Kennedy, Watercolour Music