Abby Birnie

Abby Birnie sang at an over 55s festival held at the Music Hall alongside Cellist Natalie Haas and violinist Alistair Fraser on the 12th of January 2015. Abby remembers the dressing room as having a basket of fruit in it and water and says he understands how the stars must feel and how they get ‘wrapped up in all the hype’. Abby lives out of town so he and his lots of his friends stayed in town that night and they went to an after show party at the casino. Abby excelled in music at school but says he missed the boat when he was younger because he married young and missed the opportunity to join a band. He says what got him back into music was karaoke in the 1980s. He progressed from there to singing at birthday parties. Abby got asked to perform at various gigs as a spin off from the Music Hall event. He went on to sing in a gig in the Duthie Park. He’s also played at fundraising gig to raise funds to keep the hospital open and auditioned for the X Factor when it came to Aberdeen.

Aberdeen Performing Arts, Johnny Bean


April 2016